Susan Bremer O'Neill
Keynote Speaker, Author, Self Appeal® Founder, Self-Relationship Coach  

Since 2000, former scientist and exotic dancer, Susan Bremer O’Neill has used her experience along with her study of psychology, women’s issues and modern-day sexuality to help thousands of women worldwide embrace their body and realize their true value and beauty through workshops, coaching, her new memoir and a DVD.

The tips, tools, and techniques she offers empowers them to stop people-pleasing and comparing themselves to others, eliminate perfectionism and stop obsessing about appearance, transform their current relationship and find smart romance in a new one, and embrace their body and mind to set healthy boundaries. Through her speaking, workshops, classes and groups she helps each woman build confidence, grow courage and have real choice.

Susan has spoken at San Francisco State University, UC Berkeley, CSU Stanislaus, a local chapter of the National Organization of women as well as local business women’s groups.  She’s been interviewed both on national television and radio.  Her memoir is a memoir about her own journey to self-love and respect, From Sex Appeal to Self Appeal:  One woman’s journey to recover her body, her sexuality her self.

A partial list of media and print features are listed here:

Television / Radio Interviews

Fox News Live!   

810 AM KGO News Talk, San Francisco, CA

Fox Wire with Rita Cosby 

106 FM KMEL San Francisco, CA

The Bay Area’s Evening Magazine 

700 AM WLW News Talk, Cincinnati, OH

Newspapers/Magazines Interviewed and Featured In

Newsday, San Jose Mercury News, San Jose Metro, The Wave Magazine, Berkeley Voice, The ANG Papers, Oakland Tribune, East Bay Monthly

Lectures and Speaking Engagements

San Francisco State University, Variations in Human Sexuality and other gender/sexuality related classes

University of California Berkeley, women's issues and gender study classes

The National Organization for Women, UC Berkeley Chapter

Learning Annex Sexuality Symposium - San Francisco


From Sex Appeal to Self Appeal: One Woman's Journey to Recover Her Body, Her Sexuality, Her Self

“The Grind” - Contributing Author in Flesh for Fantasy:  Producing and Consuming Exotic Dance, ©2006

Magazine Articles

“The Naked Power … of a Nude Woman” - Men’s Health magazine

“Stripping the Shadow” - Gauntlet magazine

“Rhetorical Rhumba” - Gauntlet magazine

“Strip Club Sports” - While You Were Sleeping magazine

“Variations in Human Sexuality” -  San Francisco State University course reader HMSX 400/PSY 450, Stripping the Shadow and Rhetorical Rhumba reproduced and included


DVDs Produced and Starred In

Art of Sensual Dance Series DVD:  Striptease for Real Women, ©2003 – 2005, originally released as the Art of Sensual Dance® for Every Body

Art of Sensual Dance DVD produced and sold through S. Gold & Sons in Europe

Documentary and Film

My Sexuality - Producer Felicia Giouzelis, Producer

Need - Rob Nilsson, Producer

Two Blocks East of Jerome - San Francisco Fringe Festival


From Sex Appeal to Self Appeal:
One Woman's Journey to Recover Her Body, Her Sexuality, Her Self

Dedicated to "all the lost girls and lonely women who are looking for love in all the wrong places-and in all the wrong ways," Susan's brutally honest memoir details her story moving away from being a lonely, fearful woman addicted to drugs, alcohol and the approval of others through the exotic dance world. Using poignant, frightening, humorous stories of her life as a stripper, Susan delves into the shadow side of sexuality and the proclivity to abandon herself for the approval of others in order to give insight and provide example for others of how to truly build a life that is full of love, self-confidence and self-esteem. Click here to get your autographed copy and learn more see more.

"The Grind" Published in 2005

In "The Grind," published in 2005 in the anthology Flesh for Fantasy: Producing and Consuming Exotic Dance, Susan explains how money is made and flows as an exotic dancing independent contractor. "A boyfriend once referred to me as the consummate professional. Every night, alone in the pit I duke it out using an arsenal of luminous charms, colossal smiles, fetching eyes, gallant flattery, toned muscles, breath-freshening mints, and business savvy."